The Thanksgiving Tree

The Thanksgiving Tree

Sunday, August 22, 2010

As You Are

I've finally decided to jump on over to the "" world. With a new school year starting and all, it just felt right to begin a new blog location. After all, my family seems to have found ourselves in a new location spiritually despite our decision to remain in Birmingham. God has a funny way of transporting our lives while keeping us stationary. My heart stirred when someone shared this verse with me

"Like an eagle that stirs up it's nest, that hovers over its young, He spread His wings and caught them, He carried them on His pinions." Deut. 32:11.

It's been the theme of my year as Chris and I were wrestling with things Christ was asking of us. The eagle makes her nest uncomfortable so her babies will desire to leave it; so they will desire to fly and do all the "eagle things" for which they were created. How this SO resonated with my soul this year. Our nest was VERY uncomfortable, forcing us to face scary canyons and wide open spaces, but we found Christ at every one of our failures, picking us up and carrying us as we continued our journey of growth. I LOVE how what we see as difficult and uncomfortable, God uses to build our faith upon. It's beautiful. It reminds me of a recent incident in our house.

The day after we had painters come and paint the boys' room and Emma Faye's room, I was met at the top of our stairs by my sweet husband. He was sort of blocking my way as I was heading in the direction of Emma Faye's room to put some freshly laundered clothes away.

"Um, you don't want to go in there," he said referring to our precious, innocent little angel's room.

"why, what's wrong?" I asked.

"Um, Mommy, I'm sorry I drawed on the wall."

I immediately knew why my husband didn't want me to go in her room. Her NEW room. The room I had saved up for to decorate. The room I had stressed over what colors and themes. The room she had now adorned with massive pencil lines and swirly swirls and loopity loops all over the wall that was NOT coming off! She seemed remorseful and we talked about how that was wrong. I forgave her and moved on, trying to figure out when I was going to repaint over the "artwork". In her defense, I had left her ALONE in her room coloring so I could get some laundry done.

Flash forward to this past weekend. My parents were visiting. And yes, I still hadn't erased the graffiti.

"Emma Faye, what is this on your wall?" my mom asked in a very non-accusing manner.

"Um, I drewed on my wall," Emma Faye, head lowered, answered quietly.

"Why did you do that?" my mom inquired.

(long pause)

"um... 'cause I'm an artist," she replied.

Of course my mother was laughing telling this story later, as well as Chris and me. What a positive word for her vandalism. It did, however, grab my attention.

I began thinking about some of the traits I see in myself and in my children as negative. The day-dreaming, the tempers, the lack of organization, the rowdy behavior and extra energy. There are times I see these as handicaps in my children. Problems. I see them as personal failures within myself....but in Christ, they are a tapestry of beauty; a blank canvas on which to create.

I'm so often torn between the mother I am in Christ and the mother I'm tempted to be. I want to be the mom "put together." I want to always be on time. I want my children to always look clean and tidy. I strive, strive, strive for that perfection. This is my greatest temptation. This is the mother I'm tempted to be. The mom I am in Christ is the mother who missed the first song in worship because she wanted to look into the eyes of everyone of her children and tell them good-bye as they entered their Sunday school class. The mom I am in Christ is the mother who brought her daughter to church with a jelly stain on her dress because she didn't feel like fussing at her 3 yr old princess because she dropped some jelly off of her toast this morning or rush her upstairs to change and then our the door(because what 3 yr old can eat a piece of jelly toast and not get it on her?). The wife I am in Christ doesn't dismiss her husband's compliment of how nice he thinks she looks because SHE doesn't think she looks nice. I could go on and on.

I just needed to be reminded today that Christ wants our everything. I needed to be reminded that Jesus loves us as we are. Satan wants us to be discouraged in who we are. He wants us to constantly wrestle with our personalities and convince us our faults can NEVER be of use for the Kingdom. Christ wants to take our faults and show us how He can redeem them. Beautiful.

This probably is WAY too long for a first entry of a blog. I will close this post with a poem I wrote awhile ago. I actually wrote it about a year after Emma Faye was born- before she wrote all over her wall. :) I love my daughter unconditionally. I am a daughter of the King, unconditionally loved.

As You Are

From the moment I held you in my arms,
I loved you without a minute spared.
It was as if I’d had that love all along,
Or perhaps God suddenly put it there.
I loved you as you were,
Nothing less and nothing more.
I love you now as I loved you then ….just as you are.

From the moment you asserted your will,
I saw a temper born.
The rant and raves, the crying fits–
Yes, I watched the entire storm.
But I took you as you were,
Nothing less and nothing more.
I cradle you within my arms…..just as you are.

You’re growing every day,
and learning so many things.
Your personality brings such delight
as you laugh, and dance, and sing.
I laughed with you as you were,
Nothing less and nothing more.
What joy you bring to my heart….just as you are.

Life will bring it’s failures,
and the world will carry it’s pain.
My sweet child, you will NEVER be perfect
for Perfection bears no name;
But only as Christ, our Lord and Savior……Our healer with ready arms,
Embracing every one of his children… those near and those far.

He knew you before He gave you to me.
His love runs deeper than my heart.
Leave my arms and run to His…..exactly as you are.



  1. beautiful, girl. just beautfiful. love you.

  2. yay, jenny! you're writing again! (and i can just HEAR sweet little emma faye's voice in all of this!) "because i'm an artist." hahahhaha! she is so cute! and i love this post!

  3. Awesome. I posted something on FB, but it didn't make sense after I read it. Thanks for your encouraging words. Praying I can overlook those small things too. We all have jelly stains to deal with.

  4. I love you! Thank you for speaking to my heart with this post. I've missed your writing/thoughts. Church was great on Sunday. We talked about having Abrahamic Faith...taking small steps as God calls and not trying to see ahead to the final step b/c we are afraid of the path God is taking us on. Yelled at my spirit, I tell you. I've got to journal about it so I don't forget it. hope to see you soon.