The Thanksgiving Tree

The Thanksgiving Tree

Thursday, June 11, 2015


" ooooo mommy, can I get one more honeysuckle before we go?" Thomas races up the little hill toward our garden. 

Last spring I uprooted a honeysuckle plant growing deep into the woods behind our house and planted it along our fence so my children could have an easier access to these little trumpets of sweetness.  Nearly every morning Emma Faye and Thomas run out to sip a bit before we start our day.  It brings such sweet memories of my childhood when I smell their delicious aroma.  I used to love honeysuckles. 

I've been thinking about honeysuckles a lot lately.  Actually, I've been thinking about a lot of things since my dad's cancer diagnosis. Moments suddenly become more precious; time becomes invaluable. Little inconvenient issues become really not big deals.  How just a drop of sweet can bring such delight.

When faced with unknown futures and worry and fear, it's hard to look past this day.  So I try to stay in the day I've been given.  This now.  Now, my daddy feels healthy.  Now, we are at the beach together.  Now. Is. A. Gift.

"Take every thought captive to obey Christ" 2 Corinthians 10:5, says.

What does this mean for me?  It means I grab hold of the worry and fear and believe that Christ will supply the grace and strength for these WHEN I NEED it!  But I don't need it now.  Now, I need little graces.  Sleep. Patience with my children.  Kindness towards my husband.  A clear path of treatment for my Daddy.  Grace and peace for my mom.  He is faithful and He sustains under any hardship.  I drink small doses of it.  Grace from His vine. Beautiful, sweet drops of nourishment.  Daily bread.  Even the smallest amount is sustaining.  I look for it everywhere.  A sunset. Sweet conversation with a friend.  An act of kindness. A moment with loved ones.  A restful sleep. Today, it was honeysuckles.

I am interrupted of this very thought by my own little honeysuckle.  

"Mommy, if Butterscotch has some baby bunnies with like that honey color, let's name him Honeysuckle.  Don't you think that would be a great name?" Emma Faye yells from the honeysuckle bush.

I chuckle... Because Jesus is so sweet like this. He hears our hearts.

"Yes, sweet girl.  I think that would be a really great name," I reply.

A few weeks later.......
                                  ....... Another sweet gift......