The Thanksgiving Tree

The Thanksgiving Tree

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sun Fuzzies

I remember a few years ago, my daughter was playing outside and noticed one of those little dandelion weed things that look like a fluffy, fuzzy little cotton ball on a stem.  You know what I am talking about.  We ALL know.  We pluck them and blow hard and watch all of the little white specks dance in the wind and we smile and we see how many puffs of air it takes to knock them all off.  At least that is how my family plays the game.  My little girl has called them "Sun Fuzzies" since I can remember.  And since she coined that phrase, that is what they have been.  I continue to call them that.  I love that title.  I love her heart.  I was recently reminded of those sweet little balls of joy during a conversation I had with a dear friend discussing the heartbreak of severed relationships.  Sometimes change brings great sadness.  Moving in different directions can be a hard and painful work without a proper perspective.

"Now the Lord said to Abram, "Go forth from your country, and from your relatives and from your father's house, to the land which I will show you;" Genesis 12:1

It's hard, but it's good.  Throughout scripture the Lord scatters and moves His people around; in and out of cities and in and out of relationships.  We see this often in Paul's letters.  We see this in the books of the Gospels.  God is sovereign over it all.  Oftentimes, I interpret unexpected and unwanted change as a being "pushed out".  I view it as cruel, perhaps even neglect from my Heavenly Father. Yet, in all actuality, it is really a being "pulled in".  Pulled in towards His heart... HIS will for me... a turning of the page in my story He has written. Why?  Because He loves us so much.  It can be nothing other than a kindness.  I don't understand all of that.  I just need to "plant" my heart into His truth.  That NEVER changes.  And His truth is that it ALL is for my good...and that His love for me stretches as far as the east is from the west. Therefore, I can loosen my grip on that friendship that has become estranged.  I  can pack my bags and boxes and set out to live in a new city.  I can uproot from the familiar soil I so desperately cling to. My own dirt.  My own security.  My unbelief that He will truly guide me to the land which I will show you.  And most importantly, that His land is actually good and best for me....and I can GO forth.

Afterall, isn't that what Jesus commanded us to do before He left?

"Go therefore......." Matthew 28:19

Just as He created time frames of days and hours and seasons.  Just as He specifically outlined seashores and skylines.  He has framed our very lives.  [Our] time[s] are in Your hand. Psalm 31:15.  I am learning to see the beauty in the going.  Afterall, those sun fuzzies sure do look more magical twirling and spinning in the breeze than frozen stiff in the ground.  So, too, the Body of Christ, loosening their grips and wholeheartedly trusting themselves to the love and direction at the hand of their Lord.

Where will His breeze send you?