The Thanksgiving Tree

The Thanksgiving Tree

Saturday, December 11, 2010

If He isn't sovereign over EVERYTHING, He's sovereign over NOTHING!

I don't have many words tonight. I just returned from spending time with one of my best friends in Charleston, SC. He daughter was just diagnosed with cancer. I can still hear her quivering voice speak, "I never knew my heart could hurt like this."

Like I said, I'm processing. I have little to say. I spent the majority of my trek back to Birmingham praying for her and their family. I do know that God is sovereign. If He isn't sovereign over EVERYTHING, He's sovereign over NOTHING.

God, you are a mystery to me... you are a mystery.
How you chose to give and take.. it is a mystery.
What you allow... it is a mystery.
How you perfect our faith through our unbelief is a mystery to me.

But I know you are great and awesome. I know your love for us extends far beyond our comprehension.

Therefore, I choose to accept the unknown in order to be fully known by my Creator.

Our simple joys in this life are but a flavor in your eternal feast. When the longing for YOU is stirred there becomes a loosening of all I hold precious... my family, my friends, my safe home... my husband... financial comforts....even my children.

Help me believe, in my unbelief, that YOU are even greater than these. Christ, YOU, are my forever!

Help me relinquish my treasures into your hands.
Help me return to YOU that which was never mine.
Oh God... help me trust in Your good and perfect love divine!


  1. did you write that song?! beautiful, jenny, just beautiful! you are a gift, sweet friend!

  2. I love you friend. Been praying for you & this precious little one. Continuing to pray for this family.

  3. Hey, Miss Jenny. Will definitely be praying for Ansley - in fact, I've asked my readers (I think there are two of them:)) to do the same.

    Love you!