The Thanksgiving Tree

The Thanksgiving Tree

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

..but it was all worth it to them....

"Mommy, why is everyone getting ready for Christmas?  It's Thanksgiving.  Are they just skipping over Thanksgiving?"  my oldest questioned while observing the lighted snowflakes lining the street.  "That's so sad.  Thanksgiving is so important.  All those pilgrims traveled all this way.  They died.  They got sick.  But it was all worth it to them... so they could worship the one true God."

Oh my heart skipped a beat.  I, too, had forgotten.  I, too, was already thinking of pulling my Christmas stuff out to be ready to decorate our tree over the weekend.  I, too, had forgotten the meaning of Thanksgiving.  I kept replaying his words... those words from an innocent, honest, child: but it was all worth it to they could worship the ONE TRUE GOD.

Where in my life do I walk through suffering and see that it is WORTH every bit.  Where do I risk my life... my reputation... what people will think of me... and boldly walk forward in obedience.  I don't have to journey across an ocean to make such sacrifices for Christ.  My sacrifice can come in kindness toward my husband.  In patience with my children.  In selfless giving and even CONTENTMENT in where He has me right now.  When HE is worth more than saying biting words....than proving I'm "right." 

Oh, Father, have mercy on ME sinner that I am!   You ARE worth it.. no matter the lies.  No matter the immediate gratification my flesh craves.  There is justice and there is reward in following HARD after YOU.  May I live in such a way that never compromises my faith....that never settles for less than YOU are asking of me.

Happy Thanksgiving!  May you spend this week thankful of those who found HIM to be worth every mile of suffering and pain... may you join them in their journey..

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  1. Love this post Jenny. I feel the same way, I love Thanksgiving and wow, did Will hit the nail on the head. Everyone should read this! Love you and have a blessed Thanksgiving week.

    Love you,