The Thanksgiving Tree

The Thanksgiving Tree

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Read this today and it ministered to me......

"I watch over My word to accomplish it."  Jeremiah 1:12

Jesus entered earth's atmosphere quietly one night in Bethlehem's stable, and the promise You had first spoken in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3:15) was fulfilled.  A promise You had renewed through every generation.  A hope and expectation that You kept alive in your people.  All the time, You were preparing the way for the promise, laying the groundwork for its fulfillment, readying the hearts of Your people.

Jesus, You are the proof that our God is a God whose promises are sure.  When it looks to me as if You are neglecting Your promises, let my heart see You, the Promise, lying incongruously on a bed of hay, transforming the ordinary into the holy.  My soul waits for the fullness of time.   
 {Pursuing the Christ by Jennifer Kennedy Dean}

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