The Thanksgiving Tree

The Thanksgiving Tree

Friday, February 3, 2012

I love you dot. dot. dot.

"Mommy, do you know how much I love you?  I love you really, really, really, dot. dot. dot." Emma Faye shared with me in our car ride to the mall.  I needed to pick up a few things and, to be honest, I can't remember the last time I actually took advantage of spending time with my two youngest.  Thomas was happily gazing out the window, pointing every few minutes in exclamation "SKY!!!!!"  "SKY!!!!"  (One of his favorite new words).

I used to do fun activities with Will and Josh ALL the time when they were young.  I would go for long walks through downtown Charleston.  We would meet friends at parks or the children's museum.  AND I would go to the mall.  Run a few errands and we would have lunch out.  I thought to myself, "Why don't I do this anymore?"  So, this particular day, I left the cereal bowls, the laundry, the UNmopped kitchen floor, the UNvaccummed den, and set out for a day with my babies.  Off to the mall, and then lunch at the food court, THEN a ride on the carousel in said food court.  :)

Emma Faye said it again, "I love you. dot. dot. dot."

"Emma Faye, what does '' mean?"  I questioned.

"Will told me that '' means it goes on and on and on.  SO, that's how much I love you," she quickly answered.

My heart melted.  This is why I need to do more of this.  Thank you, Lord for bringing my heart BACK to my children. From the distractions.... From self-absorption....oh, THANK YOU, Jesus.

We proceeded with our errands.  We ate lunch and then mounted our ponies on the carousel.  What joy my little girl and baby boy wore on their faces.  We went round and round... up and down.  And I was full of joy.  I savored those minutes.  So simple.  So beautiful.  So precious.

So often, culture presents mothering as an empty cart going nowhere, but around and around in the same circle... up and down.. in the SAME circle ~ fruitless.  waste of time.  But are you watching your children?  Their life is a carousel.  The round and round and up and down is magical.  It's a gift.  The sky is to be applauded.  Colors and textures are fascinating.  Errands are more than errands. 

From the minute a child enters into our lives, the clock begins ticking when they will enter out.  This is but a short season.  I have been given a charge to raise them to the best of my ability.  I have been duped over and over by what I think I NEED in order to mother them well.  I need only a heart open to God's word.  I don't need an enormous house. I don't need a huge yard. I don't need to throw the best birthday parties.  I don't need to take them on extravagant vacations.  I don't for them to have extra-curricular activities.  I don't need to have all the cool toys and video games.  I need MY heart to be filled with Christ.  Christ must pour into me, so I may then pour into them. 

{I breathe deep.  This is balm to my soul today. }

Jesus, you are SO SO good.  Keep my life simple and small.  Keep my heart large for you and needing you.  Keep distractions from me.  Keep me unsatisfied with this world so I will rely on YOU for everything.

The ride was over, but my day.. my week.. had just begun.  Refreshed, I placed Thomas in his stroller.  Emma Faye clasped my hand as we headed out toward the parking lot.  I leaned down near my precious, beautiful daughter and in blurry-eyes whispered, I love you dot. dot. dot.

A smile causing her eyes to almost close enveloped her face. 

"I know what that means," she giggled.

Thank you for this day, Lord.  I love you...

What a beautiful day.  My life is full of the simple.

"SKY!!!"  Thomas continued all the way home.  :)


  1. Seriously made me cry! Everything you said is so true and what a great prayer...keep our life simple, let me be open for Christ to pour into me, keep me unsatisfied with this world! I love you, sweet friend. So many days I want to drive to you to sit and have coffee.

  2. tears are in my eyes, and i love this!

  3. Your quote..."Christ must pour into me so that I can pour into them"...thank you for sharing that. It is such a simple but tremendously profound thing to remember. When I am to busy (even with my children) to allow Christ to pour into me, I cannot be the mom that He has called me to be. Watching my precious 3 is such a gift that He gives me daily. Thank you for sharing your words, what a blessing!