The Thanksgiving Tree

The Thanksgiving Tree

Friday, November 2, 2012

The "Real" Treasures

I just love how the most heartfelt Little House on the Prairie episodes seem to open with Laura narrating these words, "If I had a remembrance book, I would write this down...".  As I was packing boxes late last night watching an old episode, I thought about that statement as I reflected over these past few months.

God is so good.  If I had a remembrance book, I would record all of the ways The Lord has been faithful and good to us during this season.

We are moving to a little house not far from our home now.  A "temporary" home as we have called it, although I am learning that everything on this earth is our temporary home.  As I pack and purge all of the "stuff" we have acquired, I am reminded of true treasures.... the pictures.  Not the ones we paid for that hang on our walls and decorate our Facebook pages; bought all the matching outfits for.  No, I am speaking of the snapshots.  The ones in little picture frames, or hanging on our fridge by a magnet.  The ones thrown in a drawer.  The real smiles.  The dirty clothes.  The real life  ones.  Then there are the memories. The conversations like, "Mommy, I am going to miss our water puddle after it rains."  or "Mommy, remember when this room used to be yellow?"  "Remember when I used to sleep in a crib, and now Thomas uses it?"  Touching up a wall and hearing my precious little girl saying she is sorry for writing on it.  life.

I struggle with wanting a Home.  Moving around is so hard for me.  I just want a "forever home"...whatever that means.  I am realizing that I actually DO have a home.  Because a home isn't walls and windows.   It isn't furniture or dishes.  It isn't paintings and yards.  It isn't pets and toys.  A home is life.

Jesus says that He is the way, the truth and the life.  He says for those willing to lose their own lives, will gain one;  an eternal one... a forever home.  I HAVE a forever home in Him.  A house isn't a home.  He is.  He speaks of storing up treasures in heaven... eternal treasures; those that are life-giving.

You can't pack life in a box.  But you can take it with you.  It can be stored.  If we invest in that which is most life-giving.  When we pause and make a memory.  When it becomes about the heart and not about the stuff and activities.  As I consume rolls and rolls of bubble wrap to protect the "precious" items, I realize that which I treasure most is already permanently sealed and stored for eternity.  In Christ, life, goes with us.  Life is our home both now and forever when Christ is our life.

This move is already sweet.   I have many boxes resting in our garage, ready to be transported, but much much more resting within my heart.  And I am glad for that.

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